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It's more important now than ever.

Inventory is tight.

Shoppers are jumping at the first opportunity to buy. 

Be in front, catch them first, and turn eager buyers
into loyal customers for life.

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Every customer is unique.

Your data tells us what they want,

why they want it,

what will make them buy it,

and what will bring them back.

Relevant marketing
does the rest.

See it to believe it

Request your personalized marketing analysis and service consultation.
We'll show you where you are now and where we can take you.

Your meeting will include:

map with bar graph showing dealership market share
  • Market share registration data mapped for your dealership.
  • Review of competitive digital footprint.
dealership customer demographic profiles
  • Socioeconomic and demographic analysis of your specific market.
  • Custom database accuracy estimate.
dealership advertising budget recommendation
  • Personalized budget & strategy recommendation.
  • Live service demonstrations.



Then execute it

Your customers can find a car anywhere. Do they know why they should choose you?
Do they understand your brand and your value proposition? Do they see it enough to remember it?
If it’s different on every channel, there’s no way they can.


dealership marketing campaign assets

We can help with:

  • The analysis, the messaging, the artwork, the strategy—it’s all done in-house, by a team who knows your dealership.
  • Unique branding and custom artwork reflecting what’s important to you and your customers, shared consistently across channels.
  • Collaboration with dealership personnel to define your goals, refine your voice, and personalize your messaging.




Enhanced Online Conversion

Personalized chat flows

Our new friends at Gubagoo help us provide a powerful digital retailing solution to activate the online car buying experience from your website. With a fully managed live messaging service, shoppers instantly connect to dealers anytime and anywhere through a live dealer chat designed for automotive.

You can launch an automated chat experience that starts with any customer click or targeted campaign.

Replace your landing pages and lead forms with live conversations!


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Online chat window

Step 1

Configure your LivePlay with a specific flow of messages that are triggered when a shopper clicks a call to action.

Step 2

Launch from any email, digital campaign, or website button so each conversation matches the shopper journey and intent.

Step 3

The chat window delivers your programmed message, and a live chat session starts as soon as your visitor responds.

SMA + AIA = Two thumbs up

It's the only way to effectively and automatically showcase your inventory on Facebook.

Person and online shopping cart

Automotive Inventory Advertising

Naked Lime has built a direct connection that sends your available inventory to Facebook.

It formats each vehicle's details to meet Facebook's technical specifications.

Match more buyers to cars and create more conversions.


  • Upload your inventory catalog with complete vehicle details.
  • Automatically generate unique ads for each vehicle.
  • Direct shoppers to vehicle detail pages, lead forms, or their next step in the buying process.
Thumbs up, person and phone with car on it

Social Media Advertising

  • Advertise to your existing customers with custom contact lists.
  • Reinforce your message across social media by targeting website visitors with vehicle ads and services they've already researched.
  • Create customer profiles within each zip code based on market and demographic data, and segmenting those profiles by likely interests and behaviors.
  • Move inventory even faster by highlighting vehicle-specific messaging within custom ad formats like videos, slideshows, carousels, and more.
  • Drive engagement and leads which pre-populate shopper information and sync form leads directly into your CRM.

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We know what you're thinking.

Everyone says they have all the data.


But can they identify the right data?

Does it apply to your customers?

Do they know how to market with it?


See what saying YES to those questions means to you.

NADA Booth #3633W

Protect your customers. Get more of theirs.