Murder Mystery Marketing

Successful conquest marketing is a lot like
solving a mystery. 

To find your next dealership customer, can you follow the clues and seal the deal?

WHERE are your areas of greatest opportunity? 
WHO is your most desirable marketing target?
HOW can you effectively deliver your message?

Sharpen up your detective skills. Take a stab at solving this sample case: 

Your dealership hasn't been selling nearly enough SUVs.
You need to run a special to promote your current SUV lease offer. 
But a special means nothing if people aren't coming in... 



These are all located within your market area, but one is more likely to contain your target.

Where should we start searching?

Illustration of a map for Conservatory Ridge.
  • 10 miles away from your dealership, right off the highway
  • Medium level of registrations
  • Registrations split equally between you and your top 3 competitors
Illustration of a map for Ballroom Heights.
  • Your dealership sits in the exact middle of this area
  • Includes neighborhoods, shopping centers, and city parks
  • No notable correlation between make and model registrations
Illustration of a map for Library Park.
  • 25 miles away from your dealership
  • Your competitors are nearly non-existent is this rural area 
  • It has very few current car registrations 
Illustration of a map for Billiard Village.
  • 5 miles away from your dealership, just across the state line
  • It has the highest number of vehicle registrations of any zip code within 50 miles


It's not always about the location. Investigate the population to see who is a likely prospect. One of these potential customers is part of a demographic profile that is more likely to pull the trigger on an SUV purchase. 

The question is who?

Illustration of woman with long hair looking at engagement ring on her finger.
  • 29 year old School Teacher

  • Recent suburban homeowner

  • Expecting mother

  • Currently drives the coupé she bought in grad school two years ago

Illustration of Military Lieutenant saluting.
  • A 24 year old Second Lieutenant
  • Married with two young kids
  • Rents his house
  • Currently drives a truck he bought when first stationed 3 years ago
Illustration of female doctor.
  • 37 year old Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Lives and works in the city
  • Lives alone in her apartment
  • Currently doesn’t own a vehicle and depends on public transport to get around
Farmer holding garden rake.
  • 44 year old Dairy Farmer
  • Married with 2 teenagers
  • Owns his own home in the countryside 
  • His family shares a truck and a station wagon 


To win new customers, your message needs to hit your target at every step of the car buying process.

Which method is the most effective?

Illustration of a shotgun inside of a retro TV.

A broadcast TV campaign giving your dealership’s name, location, and contact information, running during the times and to the areas that best fit your budget.

Illustration of a rope surrounding a letter and envelope.

An email blast to a purchased prospect list, offering the same SUV lease deal to everyone, and hoping to lasso a few into your dealership.

Illustration of a bow and arrow.

Clear, compelling digital ads focused on your current SUV lease offer, targeted to the areas most likely to buy, and followed up with a complete social advertising and remarketing strategy based on online behavior.

Illustration of a letter opener, envelope, and paper airplane.

A direct mail piece that goes to every “Resident” at an address within 20 miles of your dealership promoting your SUV lease offer.

The Results are In

Dr Daisy card, Conservatory Ridge card, and Digital Ad Arrow card

It was Dr. Daisy.

The bustling city streets might be the last place you would expect someone to want an SUV, but people in her profile, Successful City Singles, are actually 22% more likely to buy an SUV than the average person. The other 3 profiles prefer trucks over SUVs and purchase pre-owned more often than leasing new.

In Conservatory Ridge.

Though it might not be the highest for vehicle registrations, this area has a lot of room for your dealership to grow your customer base. And since it is conveniently located near the highway, they won't hesitate to return to your dealership for service. 

With the Digital Ad Arrow.

Digital advertising uses refined targeting technology to match your dealership inventory and services with customers in your market who have shown an active interest in what you can provide.

Why Data-Driven Marketing?

Without the right data, it's easy to feel a little.... clueless. The mystery can only be solved when it is built as a big-picture solution, driven by dealership-wide goals and dealer-specific data.

Here's how we do it.

Market sales data illustration

Sales data

We combine your dealership's transactional data with a complete analysis of your market - who is selling what, where, and to whom - to align your sales strategy with market demand.

Demographic data illustration

Demographic Data

We use aggregated population data and our own years of automotive research to predict car-buying behavior.

Database marketing illustration

Shopper data

Our business intelligence reporting suite presents a full picture of your customers' behaviors, so you know exactly what they respond to, how your marketing investment is working, and how to improve.

Let's solve your mystery next.

The secret to unlocking your dealership's mysteries is in your data.

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