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When you take all parts of the video creation process into consideration, it can make your dealership shine.

Regular digital advertisements can made you blend in to the crowd. Video advertisements help you stand out by grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged.

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Like the blinding red carpet flashes of the paparazzi, today’s consumer is bombarded with more noise in the course of a typical day than at any point in history. Paid search, display ads, email offers, targeted social media ads—we’re all exposed to it, and we’ve all become numb to the vast majority of it.

In this environment, what separates digital campaigns that get results from those that don’t? The ability to stand out and actually hold someone’s attention.

Increasingly, the best channel to accomplish this is digital video.

Step into the Spotlight

Video engages people in ways no other channel can. It’s why movies and TV replaced books as our primary source of entertainment. It’s why several billion YouTube videos are watched every single day.

There is abundant data to support the ongoing surge in video’s popularity as a marketing tool. 

VCS Spotlight Click Through
Consumers are 27 times more likely to click-through online video ads than banner display ads. 
CS Spotlight Video
Viewers remember 95% of a message after watching a video, 
Video text format
compared to just 10% when reading it in text format. 
VCS Spotlight Calendar

There has been a 39% year-over-year increase in automotive watch time on YouTube. 

Digital video is stealing the spotlight, and the time to revamp your marketing approach with a focus on video was yesterday. 

VCS Spotlight 76%
VCS Spotlight 72%
76% of customers report they've purchased a product or service after viewing a video. 
72% of customers would rather use video to learn about a product or service. 

The New Prime Time

Red carpet looks of the past had to be stunning in person. Now, they also have to photograph well in any light, from any angle, because stars never know whose Instagram story they might have a role in.

Similarly, businesses have been running TV ads for decades, so it’s natural to assume you already know video advertising.

The truth is, just because an ad plays well as a TV spot or commercial doesn’t mean that same content will work in an individual’s social feed. Social video is expected to be curated and personalized to a far greater degree.

phone in hand

Tips for Making Your Big Debut

While there are many variables to successful video advertising depending on audience and channel, there are some general best practices that will set you up for success.


Think mobile. More traffic is coming from mobile devices than ever before. Screens are small and attention is limited. For that reason…

Keep it short. Acceptable ad length will vary by ad type and platform, but make sure your brand and value messaging is delivered clearly and quickly. For social advertising, you are competing for time and attention with friends, family, and celebrities. Make your point before your desired customer scrolls or skips.

Finally, use powerful calls to action. The point of your videos is to drive action. If you don’t clearly tell your audience what you want them to do, can you really expect them to do it?

VCS Big Debut

Secrets of the VIPs (Very Important Platforms)

Video Usage: Facebook

Your audience is just as important as your video content. With Facebook, you have the power to create custom audiences based on first party data and a user's behavior on the platform. 

First party data is clean, segmented, and critical to making sure you are following Facebook's privacy reglations. It allows you to create audiences based on customers':

  • Past purchases and actions
  • Demographic information
  • Socioeconomic status 
  • Website visits

If you aren't using your own data to create your audiences, you are less likely to know if you're getting your message to the right customer.
So, you have Facebook users interested in what you have to say, but how can they let you know?
Video lead ads through Facebook allow users to reach out without having to type into a form_ Facebook simply sends you their contact information. You can also use videos to direct interested users to external landing pages, allowing them to learn even more about what you have to offer. 

Video Usage: Twitter

Twitter is the go-to place for new and quick information; in fact, people’s number one stated reason for using Twitter is “to discover something new and interesting.” Let that something new and interesting be your dealership.

Video advertisements on Twitter drive higher engagement to get the most out of your budget. When people are scrolling through their Twitter feeds, they stop for video. Tweets with video attract 10 times more engagement than tweets without. Using video in promoted tweets reduces cost-per-engagement and can also help you stretch your dollar by more than 50%.

Finally, you already know your audience is a critical part of your video’s success. With Twitter, you can target your video advertisements based on:

  • CRM data
  • Interests
  • Conversations users are having on the platform, including what keywords and hashtags they use
  • Events
  • Age and gender
  • Who users follow

Video Usage: Google Ads (YouTube)

Your video will be uploaded to YouTube, so make sure you optimize it.
Not sure the best ways to optimize your videos? Here are some tips.

1. Say your target keywords or phrase in your video. When transcribing your video, YouTube will see this and know that your video truly does relate to the search.

2. Put at least five words in your video title. This gives you the chance to include your keyword in the title, without having to keyword-stuff.

3. Write a strong, keyword-friendly description. The better the description, the better YouTube will understand what your video is about. The platform suggests you make your description at least 250 words, with your keyword being mentioned within the first 25 words.

4. Don’t ignore tags. Tags are another way to help YouTube learn what your video is about. Targeted tags can also help you show up more often in the related content side bar.

film reel with video play button

Optimizing your video is one thing, but when it comes to your advertising strategy, you need to know the ins and outs of YouTube video ads.

1. Skippable video ads are shown before or after a video. Viewers can skip the ads after five seconds, but these ads remain the most common type of YouTube ad. You only pay when a viewer watches 30+ seconds or the entire ad, making this the lowest risk option.

2. Non-skippable video ads are exactly what they sound like: viewers must watch the entire 15+ second ad with no option to skip through it.

3. Midroll ads are used in videos 10 minutes and longer. They play at specified ad breaks in long form videos and must be watched before the video continues.

4. Bumper ads are similar to non-skippable video ads, but are only 6 seconds in length. Due to their short runtime, these ads won’t bother viewers and are great for brand awareness and ad recall.


Unique users

Watch Time
Website Traffic
Search Traffic

NLM VCS Measurement Action


NLM VCS Measurement ROI

Return on Investment
Cost per impression
Cost per click
Cost per lead

Once goals are set, it’s important to track progress on them.
These metrics help you track the success of your videos, but also help you dig a little deeper.

For example, analytics on digital v advertisements allow dealerships to follow a customer’s buying journey. Knowing the steps a customer takes can help with crafting relevant messaging to turn that lead into a sale.

And the Winner Is...

It's clear that digital video is the future of online advertising. Well-produced, targeted, and relevant video content engages your customer base in a way that's totally unique.
Video works. Your competitors know it- and they're ready to spend. 

NLM VCS Winner Respondents
59% of marketing respondents say that video performs better than other forms of content. 
VCS 21.7% increase in ad spend

In 2019, automotive digital video ad spending increased 21.7% to $5.19 billion. 
This is expected to increase to $6.22 billion in 2020.

But Not So Fast

It’s possible to pull off an effective digital video ad campaign yourself, but it’s not always easy. It’s time-consuming, and costly—especially once you realize it’s not as simple as just reusing a TV commercial.

There are technical and creative aspects to this channel that make producing even a short and simple piece of content much more time consuming than publishing a blog or sending out an email campaign.
Naked Lime can help craft targeted and impactful content designed to move your customers closer to a purchasing decision by: using video content highlighting the dealership and its offers, creating engaging video scripts and designs, and extending OEM campaigns.

In short: Video creation is just one more way we meet all your advertising needs under one roof.

VCS But Not So Fast


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