Handshake between car dealer and loyal customer

Finders keepers, right?


Not when it comes to dealership customers.

Declining brand loyalty is bad news for dealership customer retention.




Why Naked Lime?

We know what declining brand loyalty means for dealerships, and what you can do about it:

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Know your customers

Study your market to learn who they are, what they’ve done, and what people like them do.

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Anticipate their needs

Use data to predict when, what, and why they’ll buy again, before they look somewhere else.

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Deliver relevant messages

Show them you have exactly what they want, and tell them why to buy it from you.


Free marketing resources


2021 Brand Retention and Defection Report

Use real transactional data to understand retention and defection rates by manufacturer and identify conquest opportunities.


The Common Denominator of Customer Retention and Conquest

How can dealers retain more customers while also winning more from the competition? Use data to reveal consumer patterns and purchasing behaviors.

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Customer retention case study

Would You Sell to Matt? Using Predictive Analytics to Recognize Sales Opportunities

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