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Naked Lime wants to make dealership Facebook advertising easy.

To do that, we've built a direct data feed to Facebook. 
Your inventory advertising will be automated, instant, and accurate.

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Automotive Inventory Ads

Naked Lime has built a direct connection that sends your available inventory to Facebook. It formats each vehicle's details to meet Facebook's technical specifications.

The feed will be installed within your dealership’s Facebook account so that you can create ads that accurately represent your inventory.

What it does:

  • Uploads your inventory catalog with complete vehicle details.
  • Automatically generates unique ads for each vehicle.
  • Directs shoppers to vehicle detail pages, lead forms, or their next step in the buying process.

Price: $175/month

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You can DIY... but you don't have to.

The data feed provides the foundation for automated advertising.
With this selection, all ad creation and execution is still up to you.

But we have services for that, too.

Do you need help creating graphics and images for your ads?

Have you always wanted to use video ads, but lack creative resources?

Do you need an expert to write copy and build ads for you?

Would you benefit from budget recommendations and strategic help?

Do you need support managing the Facebook Pixel and Attribution?


Let us know in your order comments and we'll tell you how we can help!

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