Facebook: The Automotive Marketing of Tomorrow!

The future of selling cars is through personalization, and for that, Facebook reigns supreme. Discover everything you need to know about advertising effectively on the social media giant's platform with our free eBook.

Learn how to boost traffic like a pro.

In Part 1 you'll learn how to:

✓ Build custom audiences of in market buyers. 

✓ Directly link your website's inventory to your advertisements. 

✓ Use customer data to match people with a car that sparks their interest. 

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Grow a loyal following (even from nothing)

Read Part 2 to discover:

.✓ What to audit on your existing profile to get the most out of your page. 

✓ How to engage with your community in a meaningful way.

✓ Why evaluating your online reviews can give you insight into handling new ones moving forward.

Create advertising that works for your dealership.

Every business has it's own unique needs and budgets. This eBook features actionable advice that you can use right away. Cherry pick to create a Facebook strategy.

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside:

Forget about the Nuclear Family

"Advertising only to the image of two parents, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence won’t always be effective. Every household is different, with unique structures, values, and purchase behaviors.

That’s why there’s no such thing as a “typical” customer journey. There is no one-size-fits-all advertising strategy. According to our demographic reporting, your market area can have as many as 65 unique shopper demographic profiles.

To run successful Facebook campaigns, you’ll need to identify the dominant demographics in your target area. Through this approach you can determine which vehicles they are most likely to buy and what type of messaging they will respond to."

The Wonders of Data!

"Have you ever seen an ad online that was so relevant to your current state of mind you looked over your shoulder to make sure someone wasn’t watching you? That is the power of leveraging the right data when forming audiences.

Facebook has two main types of audiences that it uses for ads: Saved Audiences and Custom Audiences. Each of these audiences use different types of data, and knowing the difference is going to be what sets your marketing apart."

Ready to boost your dealership's Facebook strategy?

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