Naked Lime in Booth 915 at Digital Dealer

Party like it's our birthday!

Because it is!

Naked Lime Marketing launched at Digital Dealer in 2011.

For 10 years, we've loved building relationships with dealers and finding growth and success together.

So party on us!

All you have to do is have your badge scanned at our Digital Dealer booth #915 at the show to enter to win Georgetown Cupcakes* and Greater's* ice cream delivered to your dealership for your 50 favorite people.

It's our way of saying thanks for 10 great years and looking forward to many more!

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Complete rules here.
*Substitutions may be made based on availability.

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Service alert!

Your fixed ops marketing needs attention.

50% of car buyers do not return to the dealership for customer-pay service work after one year.

80% stop coming back after two years.

Why, and what can you do to keep them?

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Why Naked Lime?

We can help you fix your fixed ops marketing with:

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You know why your dealership is the best choice for service. Craft targeted, personalized messaging that convinces your customers.

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It’s not enough to wait until they need service and hope they pick you. Be a resource at every step of ownership with service marketing that is reactive and proactive.

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Dealerships spend less than 15% of their marketing budget on fixed ops, but expect 100% absorption. Find the sweet spending spot that meets your goals.


Free marketing resources


Your Dealership's Multi-Point Marketing Inspection

50% of car buyers will not return to the dealership for service work after one year. This is your guide to bringing them back.


Automating Follow-Up in Service

Transform the profit potential of your service department with targeted follow-up marketing to customers who decline service.

A car on a lift, gears, wheels, a toolbox, a car battery, and a clipboard.

Service marketing case study

One Strategy to Increase Service Profits

Your service drive is also a sales floor for repairs. For customers that decline recommendations, automatically follow-up with them to capture additional profit.

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