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Data-driven marketing

Everyone says it. We do it.

Compass is a complete marketing intelligence platform that leads the way to successful dealership marketing.

Spinning Compass


It only happens when it is built as a big-picture solution, driven by dealership-wide goals and dealer-specific data.

With Compass, we show you what marketing looks like when it is developed and delivered as a single, complete strategy, focused on your customer and supported by creativity and analysis.

You have all the information that drives your marketing strategy and your detailed, multi-channel results in one place.

chart of geographical sales data

Sales data

We combine your dealership's transactional data with a complete analysis of your market - who is selling what, where, and to whom - to align your sales strategy with market demand.

Demographic customer profile

Demographic data

We use aggregated population data and our own years of automotive research to predict car-buying behavior.

Naked Lime business intelligence reporting dashboard

Shopper data

Our business intelligence reporting suite presents a full picture of your customers' behaviors, so you know exactly what they respond to, how your marketing investment is working, and how to improve.

Travis Hafer from Naked Lime speaking at Digital Dealer 27

Travis Hafer

Tuesday, August 20

2:25 - 3:15 pm

    Session: Who Really Cares About Your Marketing?

    Use the right data to create relevancy and drive action.

    With everyone talking about data, what specifically matters when marketing to your customers?

    In this session, you’ll learn about the three categories of customer data that are required for successful dealership marketing, and how to bring them all together.

    Data can be overwhelming, but ultimately it allows you to use past customer behavior to predict future actions – and profit from them.

    • Relate the increased customer expectations faced by other industries to the world of dealership marketing 
    • Underscore the need for personal, relevant marketing in the face of those heightened expectations
    • Identify the three types of customer data every dealership should collect and analyze to deliver a relevant marketing experience
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    Matching your message to your customer is the only way marketing works.

    See complete contest rules.

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