Marketing in Difficult Times

Help for our customers as you cope with the current crisis.

Right now, many things are uncertain and out of your control.
Fortunately, your marketing is an area where you can take definitive action.

Measuring Sales Success

Determining which dealership success metrics your business should focus on is critical in a post-COVID environment. 

Reporting for month-over-month and year-over-year is going to be a challenge for most businesses, so turning to market and impression share might just be what your dealership needs to do in their shift moving forward.

Watch the video for a more detailed analysis from one of our Sales Directors, Tom Salzman.

Video - Connected Podcast- Salzman
Video - Connected Podcast - Zwerneman

The Stock Market and the Car Market

With circumstances changing daily, it's hard to predict what might happen next for the automotive industry.

But the one thing we can do is look back at history and see some very distinct patterns.

One of those patterns is the auto industry tends to followed the stock market very closely. Both rely on the confidence of consumers and investors.

Watch the video for a more detailed analysis from one of our Sales Directors, Ryan Zwerneman.

Anticipating Post-Pandemic Consumer Demand

As governments begin to ease stay-at-home restrictions, drivers who put their vehicle needs on hold will reevaluate.

They’ll remember, “That dashboard light has been on for a while” or “This car doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore.” Then they’ll fall back into the sales or service cycle they delayed during the pandemic.

As you prepare to welcome these customers back, how will your marketing address their current needs?

Watch the video for detailed advice from one of our Sales Directors, Craig Lawson.

Video - Connected Podcast - Lawson
Video - Connected Podcast - Klein

Post-Pandemic Marketing Plans

Dealerships have been quick to adjust their marketing strategy for the current environment, but it won’t last forever.

Be ahead of the curve and start strategizing for when COVID-19 restrictions start to lessen.

Take the time now to analyze your budgets and channels of communication.

Watch the video for detailed advice from one of our Sales Directors, Jared Klein.

Social Distance ≠ Social Non-Existence

Finding the right groove for your brand’s social media accounts can be difficult on a normal day. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and like everything else, it becomes even more challenging.

You want to stay connected, but you don’t want to say the wrong thing.

Learn how to cut the distance and keep in touch with your customers through the power of social media. 

Watch the video for more detailed advice from Amberly Montgomery, Operations Manager for Naked Lime.

Video - Connected Podcast - Montgomery
Video - Connected Podcast - McArthur

Responding to New Online Search Trends

When it comes to paid search, you're not creating demand. You're reacting to it.

To effectively react to changing demands, dealers need to understand three things: What are people searching for? Where are they searching? And when are they searching?

Once you know these three things, you have the information to make better marketing/advertising decisions.

Watch the video for detailed advice from our Sales Director, Ross McArthur.

Staying Connected Through Content

It’s easy for people to feel disconnected right now.  

Use this time to appropriately communicate with consumers and build lasting relationships.

What will make your dealership top of mind when it is time for them to schedule service or purchase a vehicle?

Watch the video for detailed advice from our Senior Director of Operations, Steve Henning.

Video - Connected Podcast - Henning
Video - Connected Podcast - Harper

Crucial Website Updates for Current Events

Sales traffic might be down, but we know people are still online.

There are shoppers who either really need a vehicle, or are ready to benefit from current incentives.

Is your website giving them the information they need to choose you for their next purchase?

Watch the video for detailed advice from our Director of Product Planning, Jay Harper.

How to Serve in Service

New customer needs require new marketing direction.

While sales might be slow, there will always be a need for service.

If you haven't traditionally focused on marketing your service department, now is the time.

Watch the video for detailed advice from our Director of Digital Marketing, Brad Highland.

Video - Connected Podcast - Highland
Video - Connected Podcast - Walsh

What Has Naked Lime Done?

All businesses are making adjustments to their operations to adapt to changing circumstances.

Naked Lime has adapted our service model to continue to provide the level of support you expect from your teams.

The steps we have taken can also help dealers retain customers and employees during this difficult time.

Watch the video for detailed advice from our Vice President and General Manager, Chris Walsh.


What Should Dealers Do?

Each dealership and market is different.

We are busy studying how the industry and your customers are responding so we can help individual dealerships in ways that will have the most impact.

Search trends, rules of engagement, budgets and targeting, appropriate messaging... it's all changing, and we're here to help you adapt.

Watch the video for detailed advice from our Vice President, Josh Allen.

Video - Connected Podcast - Allen

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