The Proof is in the Numbers

Flip the cards below to see how a social advertising strategy improves dealership-customer relationships.

Ad Click-Through-RatesĀ 
Computer, clipboard, gear, and hashtag
Social Reputation
2x greater on Facebook
Purchase a service after watching a video
Icon of video player
Social Reputation
76% of all customers
Want continued engagement from the brand after a purchase
(Facebook Business)
Icon of talk bubbles
Social Reputation
86% of vehicle owners

What Does a Lasting Social Strategy Include?

  • Optimized appointment-generating content
  • Targeted messages for the appropriate audiences 
  • Consistent ad and content reviews to ensure quality
  • Regular reports on ad, page, and conversion performance 

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I actually get better results now with the way the account is being handled, more fine-tuned with what we do, for less money! Everyone else just
says they spent the money and don't give you any results.

Dave Tedder Internet Director Sanderson Ford Glendale, AZ