Automating Follow-Up in Service

Transform the profit potential of your service department with targeted follow-up marketing to customers who decline service.

What happens after the service visit?

Servicing a vehicle is only one part of the ownership cycle, but it's the largest part. Dealerships stand to gain most of their profits from returning service customers, but most struggle to keep them coming back.

We've recognized an important piece of the service process most dealerships miss, sacrificing profits each time it isn't done: follow-up for declined service recommendations.

Even when dealerships are doing follow up, it's rarely automatic or efficient.

Read the whitepaper to see why it needs to be automatic.

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Why Naked Lime?

The consultative approach Naked Lime uses to create more cohesive, effective, personalized marketing for each dealership is different than anything else in our industry.

We use your customer data (transactional, demographic, and behavioral) to make marketing that matters to your audience at every stage.

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