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Naked Lime and Automotive News Webinar: “Transforming Your Digital Dealership to Meet Today’s Consumer”

Customer Expectations Continue to Change – How Does Your Dealership Adapt?

Greg Uland, sales manager for Naked Lime Marketing, will host "Transforming Your Digital Dealership to Meet Today's Consumer," a webinar sponsored by Naked Lime and Automotive News Thursday, Oct. 23, 2 p.m. ET.


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"Consumers use PCs, tablets, and smartphones for different reasons and in different ways," Uland said. "That matters in dealership website design. Catering to those various reasons behind using web-enabled devices is the first step to giving consumers that exceptional customer experience they expect in the dealership."


In the webinar, Uland will explain how dealers can deliver an exceptional customer experience by:


  • Adopting an e-commerce mindset when designing their digital dealership.

  • Understanding "The Age of Mobility" and how it shapes the consumer experience.

  • Recognizing the consumer's specific intentions with each digital device

  • Designing their dealership's website to adapt to consumer intent.


Uland has worked in the automotive industry for 16 years. He started in the retail and wholesale auto parts industry and later started selling fixed operations software for dealerships. He then moved into selling websites and digital advertising. Since 2011 he has played a key role in the Naked Lime team and has worked extensively with digital marketing and advertising for dealerships and OEMs.


The webinar also will be recorded and made available for replay for one year. Visit


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