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New Dealership Websites from Naked Lime Marketing: One Web Platform Built for Multiple Devices to Deliver Better Results

Naked Lime Has Launched New Aptus Websites™ Platform for Automobile Retailers
Naked Lime Marketing has launched an all-new, comprehensive website platform for automobile retailers: Aptus Websites. Naked Lime developed Aptus to help automobile retailers build a more effective digital dealership that supports a smoother, more flexible end-to-end retail experience for consumers.

"Which device consumers use for web browsing is often driven by context: where they are, what they intend to do, and the amount of time the task will take," said Jim Wright, vice president and general manager of Naked Lime. "Dealers are recognizing they need to account for these factors when designing their dealership websites. We've developed Aptus, inspired by the Latin word for "adapt," to help make it easier and more efficient for dealers to deliver a more pleasing online experience by serving up the right web content on the right device to every consumer who visits the dealership's website."

Aptus benefits include:
  • The ability for dealers to choose what content consumers see on each device, all while maintaining one URL for better search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Easy drag-and-drop website editing capabilities that allow dealers to change site elements on the fly.
  • Faster page loads to help improve the consumer experience and conversion rates.
  • A new, more intuitive website administrative tool for dealership employees to quickly and easily manage the components of their site.
  • A tailored website setup process and web strategy advice and support from Naked Lime's specialists to help dealers gain the most from their digital dealership.

Wright concluded: "The vast majority of today's consumers already have made their buying decision prior to stepping foot in the dealership. They've been interacting with the dealer across a number of devices and formats before selecting which car and where to buy. With Aptus, dealers are better able to put their best message in front of consumers during each online interaction, which can lead to a better retail experience for consumers and better business results for dealers."