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Naked Lime Marketing Expert to Speak at Digital Dealer Workshop in Dallas

Dan Malloy from Naked Lime to offer dealers strategies for reputation management

Dan Malloy, product manager for Naked Lime Marketing, will present "Reputation Management: The Internet Doesn't Forgive and Forget" Oct. 29 at 1 p.m. at the Digital Dealer Workshop in Dallas.


Digital Dealer invited Naked Lime's Malloy to speak at the Dallas workshop after his presentation on reputation management at the 17th Digital Dealer Conference. Digital Dealer Workshops offer dealers one more way to interact with industry experts and learn how to sell and service more vehicles more profitably using digital technology and best practices.


In his presentation, Malloy will highlight social media's impact on digital reputation management. He will also show dealers how creating a comprehensive strategy can help them get ahead in the reputation game. Using recent data, he will explain the impact social media and reputation management have on sales retention and gains.


Malloy started his career with Naked Lime in SEO and social media marketing before he joined the reputation management team. Now, as a product manager for Naked Lime, he oversees development for Naked Lime's digital advertising and market strategy services and Naked Lime's analytics platform.


Naked Lime Marketing offers a full suite of marketing, advertising, and web services for automobile retailers. Naked Lime's specialists have industry-exclusive access to data that enables them to more effectively do the heavy lifting on behalf of dealers, which, in turn, allows dealers to better focus on selling cars and serving customers.


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